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Monocrystal magnets

Monocrystal permanent AlNiCo magnets have unique temperature and time stability, they are highly resistant tо vibrations and radiation. The operating temperatures of these magnets range from -50 to +500°С. These magnets are used in high precision devices and special purpose products.

Many companies in different countries have the technology to produce AlNiCo magnets with equiaxial and columnar structure, but only Magneton has the technology for serial production of these magnets.


- Increased induction, coercive force and energy;
- High thermal stability;
- Mechanical stability

Monocrystal magnets retain their properties even under extreme conditions:

Vibrations of frequency of 5 to 1000Hz;
Multiple impulse load of up to 500 m/s2
Recurrent temperature fluctuations from -60°C to +250°C
Relative humidity similar to 98% at +40°C

Application spheres:

- Space apparatuses
- Aviation engineering
- Seismic sensors
- Special purpose products

Properties of monocrystal magnets

Trade name

Br, T

Hcb, kA/m

(BH)max, kJ/m3

Operating temperature, 0С (max)

LM 84/118





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