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Magnetic formwork

Magneton formwork systems – is basically a means of construction that helps perform almost any task in creating formwork for reinforced concrete products. This technology is very popular in modern civil engineering when individual projects start to overwhelm standard engineering plans.

Magneton magnetic formwork with a fixing system gives the supplier of reinforced concrete products the following advantages:

- meeting individual orders;
- dramatic reduction the lead time and assembly cost when producing reinforced concrete products;
- flexibility for engineering modifications in standard construction projects;
- possibility to launch production of new highly demanded products, that could not be produced earlier for technical or other reasons;
- exclusion of energy-consuming electric welding that damages expensive trays and costly form stripping works;
- unlimited possibilities to create products of any configuration.

Magneton magnetic box is a massive welded channel section with an effective automation system (a fixing system that uses buttons) and integrated magnet with holding force from 450 to 2100 kg. This box is an ideal platform for optimization when assembling wooden and metal formwork for production of reinforced concrete products.

Using the adapter technology (various head-adapters) offers unlimited possibilities for modeling board equipment! Using this technology you can easily regroup the formwork whenever you need to make changes to adjust to the current tasks. That is why using the magnetic box guarantees high flexibility of production.

Using new advanced formwork systems considerably increases competitiveness of production. The quality and the lead time are highly dependent on the type of formwork used for reinforced concrete constructions. These systems have to meet requirements for reliability and endurance, construction solidity and mechanical properties. Magnets have been used for a long time and such systems as magnetic formwork, magnetic box, and magnetic mold are now widely used in civil engineering.
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