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Magnetic catchers


Our plant develops, manufactures and supplies magnet catchers for removing alien ferromagnetic elements and other items (chipped driller pieces, fixturing and working tools etc.) from boreholes. Our magnetic catchers are made of most up-to-date magnetic materials that guarantee effectiveness proved by years of their usage.
Magnetic catcher is used for cleaning boreholes of various diameters at any depth from ferromagnetic elements including large chipped pieces of tools and spiked roller teeth.
Magnetic system of this product is hermetic which increases the life time.
Magnetic catchers use powerful magnetic systems based on high energy rare earth permanent magnets.
Catchers are lowered into the borehole and attract ferromagnetic objects, after which the catcher is withdrawn from the borehole together with the objects.
The catchers are designed to allow washer fluid to the backwall (central washer scheme).
The operating temperature for catchers is -10 to +150ºС.


Joint Stock Company "Research and production company "Magneton"
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